Who Am I?

Wow, that sounds really deep, but I do actually just want to tell you who I am. I’m a married, stay at home mum of three (4 if you include the dog) who loves walking, spending time with loved ones and ironing in front of Netflix. I’ve started this blog because I want to produce and create something other than dinner and I’m hoping to somehow make sense of everything that’s currently blowing my mind. I must warn you, I will sometimes mention God, as my faith is inextricably linked with who I am and how I think, but my faith and perspective are changing and I want to work this out with words.

This all sounds very serious but the good news is that I’m not. My children would describe me as embarrassing but that’s because they haven’t yet worked out that I’m actually much cooler than they are. Anyway, I’ll be as honest as I can, I’ll try not to sugar coat and I hope to at least sometimes make you smile.

All the best

Emma (…and Cosmo my Muse and constant companion)